Maternity Care

At Flexi Pop-Ins, we understand that complexities come with the joy of bringing a new born into the world. This is why our maternity nannies pride themselves in offering you the reassurance and practical support you and your family need while exerting yourself through the eat, sleep, nurture, and baby changing routine. We are here to offer our expert advice and skills on all things baby related so that you can sleep easier while retaining the energy levels you need to get through this process. We are here to provide a back bone of support to ensure your child is receiving the best quality of care while you aim to regulate your schedule and allow yourself the break you need.

With Flexi Pop-Ins Maternity care, there are no hidden agency or registration costs, and our
Maternity Nannies are willing to offer a flexible day and night service in a way that most maternity services don’t: starting at a minimum of 6 hour shifts. We also also offer a discount for families looking for 24 hour consecutive shifts, where if you book for a full week, your 7th day is free.

With Flexi Pop-Ins, your maternity will cover the following:

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Please Note: Our Nannies will be in touch within 24 hours to introduce themselves and ensure that you’ve filled out the relevant questionnaire. There is no obligation to commit until you feel comfortable and are ready to book your package.

Price List

Single Baby

  • Hourly (min 6 hrs) ---------------------- £18
  • Day/Night (12 hrs) --------------------- £180
  • 24 hrs shift (upto 6 days) ------------ £295
  • 7 Days ----------------------------------- £1770

Twins Baby

  • Hourly (min 6 hrs) ---------------------- £20
  • Day/Night (12 hrs) --------------------- £216
  • 24 hrs shift (upto 6 days) ------------ £350
  • 7 Days ----------------------------------- £2100

Please note: all the maternity nannies pride themselves on their experience and well presentation. We expect any feedback on our service where necessary. Please be advised that each nanny pays their own taxes so there will be no VAT charge. We also do not charge for a subscription. Taxi would need to be arranged for any late night arrivals or departures starting at 11:30pm onwards OR where public transport is closed after dark. This is to ensure safety of our nannies at all cost.

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Important Information

At Flexi Pop-ins we know that the next few weeks and probably months will not be easy, but we are here to work through it with you.

So for the time being we have taken down our online booking and payment system in favour of an enquiry form.

Don’t worry the online service will be back and better than ever when this is all over!